Covid 16/Aug

Keeps on going here in Victoria. Looks like we have finally turned the corner, let’s hope we all grit our collective teeth and keep on track to get it down to 0 new cases. Will not be quick, mid December if we are determined. Below graph is for 100’s of new cases and 0.1 increments for daily infection rate, the red line corresponds to 1. Things to note. The end of Ramadan might have had a glitch, but nothing long term. The BLM demonstration marks a sharp increase in infection rate. Probably not the demo itself, but the relaxed mindset that went along with it happening. The introduction of Stage 3 restrictions had an impact, but mandatory masks, no. The 8pm-5am curfew has also markedly help drop the rate of infection: compare the green and yellow lines. If we continue as we are, less than 1 new case per day mid December. Possibility of being earlier if we persist and get that infection rate down.

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