Solar Batteries

The file download below is a copy of the spreadsheet used to obtain the results presented in Silicon Chip, January 2022. It is based on my real world experience under the following conditions:

  • Location, Melbourne Australia.
  • 5kW Photovoltaic Array and Inverter.
  • No air-conditioning.
  • Gas heating for winter.
  • Evacuated tube solar hot water with electric off-peak booster.

I have used my experience to approximate the solar power generated and the power used to sinusoidal functions. This allows the examination of the effects of different solar PV arrays and the addition of batteries in terms of solar energy generated and exported to the grid and the financial consequences of this. Air-conditioning and electrical heating can be added in a rough way and the feed-in and kWh costs can be adjusted. It is also possible to adjust for different locations in Australia. It must be remembered that the results are only to be considered as a rough guide.

The spreadsheet is protected to avoid accidental changes with a small number of editable cells to explore things such as battery and PV size. There is no password and the protection can be removed to make functional changes to the spreadsheet. The file has been checked prior to upload however it is always advisable to check downloaded, executable files prior to opening them.

Updated Solar PV Data

Below is an update of the data from my 5kW Photovoltaic Array. I plan to update this every few months.

June 2019 to November 2022

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