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I was planning to publish ‘Awakening’, the 4th in the Anita series earlier this year. The pandemic is not the real cause I have not. As mentioned in a previous post the idea for ‘The Chaos’ came to me. It is set in the times leading up to the chaos many hundreds of years (around 1400 years) prior to Anita. This is not something I planned while writing the Histories. ‘The Chaos’ explains Anita and associated old technology which affects her time. It is consistent with the Histories. In the process I have ‘held fire’ on ‘Awakening’. Partly to ensure further consistency across the ages and partly because of a, to me, lazy writing habit I discovered and want to obliterate from ‘Awakening’ before publication. Now I have to reread it again and also do some more edits on ‘The Chaos’.

Regarding ‘The Chaos’. If you like a mystery and voyage of discovery I recommend the Histories 1-3 followed by ‘The Chaos’ which should wrap up most of the loose ends. If you want to know what is happening all the way along, read ‘The Chaos’ first. ‘Awakenings’ builds on the Histories but is semi-independent.

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