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Alan is based in Melbourne, Australia, and writes Science Fiction, Contemporary Fiction and the occasional Technical Article. Below are links to the fiction he has published via Smashwords and their associated distributors.

The 3 books in the Anita Histories form a completed story line. The fourth novel continues Anita’s story in a more ‘contemporary’ setting.

‘Five Words’, a fictional what if, is a companion novel to ‘Sarah’.

“Why do I publish through Smashwords? Firstly, you can download the first 20% of the book to sample. If it is your thing, great, if not, oh well, people have different tastes. Basically you can try before you buy. Secondly, the books are available in a range of formats. Thirdly, purchasing from Smashwords gives me the greatest royalty return but, if you must, Smashwords ebooks are available from a large number of distributors.”

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Science Fiction

Book 1 in the Anita Histories
Book 2 in the Anita Histories
Book 2 in the Anita Histories
Book 3 in the Anita Histories
Anita’s story continues

Contemporary Fiction

Five Words a ‘companion’ book to ‘Sarah’

About Alan

I started writing during my undergraduate years at Melbourne University followed by a long hiatus while I obtained a PhD (Physics) and a paying job as a research scientist.

I found full-time employment and writing did not go well together for me. Many years on I took early (early-ish) retirement to try my hand again: did I have the capacity to sit down and write every day? It worked! Well, I thought it did, I found it great fun, you the potential reader may or may not agree with the results. Anyway, I have often said: “Writing is more fun than reading,” (and I love reading) because while I have an overall idea of the story line I am not necessarily (consciously) aware of exactly where it is heading: the twists, turns, and new characters delight me too. What is more, they become my ‘friends’ (is this creepy or normal?). I subscribe to the Ray Bradbury style of writing: “The only good writing is intuitive writing. It would be a big bore if you knew where it was going”. Of course, there is then the hard graft trying to tighten things up and eliminate the typos and some of the stupid little words which keep trying to insinuate themselves where they are not wanted and the dumb expressions etc., etc.. It is a war of attrition and I believe I have mostly won it. Any delays in publication are generally due to my attempts to provide the best reader experience.


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