Anita (-1): The Chaos

I never expected to do this, but it came to me earlier this year: a good chunk of the events leading up to ‘The Chaos’ in The Anita Histories landed in my mind. From there it expanded and I am writing what happened around 1500 years before ‘Anita’ and how it all links in with her history and her world. The science and tech all fits in – it should because I have only included things in The Anita Histories which (to me) may be technically possible in the future. One negative is it has delayed my publication of the 4th book in the series but I am hoping for mid August. Stand alone, to some extent, but is better with the preceding 3. The positives: if you were still confused or want more concrete explanations then ‘The Chaos’ should fit the bill, but give it a few months. (Book 4 also does this to some extent.)

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I am a Science Fiction and Contemporary/Lit Fiction author

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