Contemporary Novels

by Alan R Wilson


Sarah is a successful, top-level public servant married to Greg, a highly successful barrister and QC. To all appearances she has an idyllic life with two grown children and a successful career. However, there are undercurrents of discontent (Sarah ‘of course’ was the one to take the major career break when the children where young) which a series of events bring to the surface.

Sarah is the front runner to fill an upcoming vacancy at Deputy Secretary level in her department. However, Greg is discontented with his life and wants fresh challenges. He has a chance at a late political career and blithely assumes Sarah will throw her support behind him. As well as her inheritance from her father’s estate he expects her to abandon her career to further his ambitions. She refuses to accede to his expectations which causes friction. Not content with this Greg works behind her back to put pressure on her. However, old history surfaces with the chance discovery of decisions made for Sarah without her knowledge when she was young, well meant, but arrogant and paternalistic. Combined with the death of her dog and a chance encounter which stirs old emotions it all starts to unravel.

A look at paternalism and male entitlement wrapped up in a light romance and ‘first love’, and how small events or non-events can have a disproportionately large impact on a person’s life.

Upcoming: ‘Five Words’, a companion book to ‘Sarah’. A ‘what if’ if ‘Steven’s’ short story was ‘The Day That Was’.

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