‘Betrayals’ Released Plus Other Progress

‘Betrayals’, Book 2 in the Anita Histories, uploaded to Smashwords 2 days ago and now accepted for Premium Category which means it will be in retailers now (although I prefer if people purchase my ebooks through Smashwords). (Link to Betrayals in Smashwords) The third book is well on the way, going through my editing process. […]

Sarah Published

Uploaded ‘Sarah’ 17 October 2019. Hopefully it will pass the Smashwords formatting criteria and be circulated to their distributors even though I prefer purchases from Smashwords because it gives the author a higher royalty – tell your friends. ‘Eagles’ is still in the ‘mill’ for publication hopefully within the next few weeks. While do all […]

With the movement of the Australian dollar re US dollar I have dropped my Smashwords price to US$2.99. Otherwise it was creeping up to AU$6-. Final editing of Book 2 is under way and is expected to take several weeks – don’t want to rush it to produce a better final copy. After this I […]