Time Flies!

I can not believe it is July last year that I last posted here. Since then I have sent some of my more recent work to publishers with no success (surprise, surprise). I would not mind finding an agent either but this seems to be just as difficult. Explains my lack of new e’books: I want to give the traditional route a decent shake first. (Belying this is my tardiness at each new submission following a decent wait after a previous submission). Also finished ‘Vana’, an SF first contact novel with a human (close to) as the first contact. Vana is written from the alien perspective but also supports my theme that aliens may be physically different but internally (at the molecular level) quite similar to us. Am also in the middle of a contemporary novel which has delayed my reviewing of Vana: I like to let a novel mature for a while before going through it again. I suspect part of my ‘problem’ is the writing part is great fun and I do not like being ‘distracted’ by the publishing bit (although making up your own book covers is fun too). Hopefully there will not be such a time lag to my next post. See you – Alan. (Oh, and WordPress has introduced a new editing approach for web sites so there might be a change there if I can drag myself away from the novel.)

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I am a Science Fiction and Contemporary/Lit Fiction author

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