Added to Goodreads + Other Novels

Added the two Contemporary Novels ‘Sarah’ and ‘Five Words’ to Goodreads.

Have also finished ‘The Chaos’ which is a novel I never planned to write. It occurs 1400 years prior to ‘Anita’ and details what led up and caused The Chaos mentioned in ‘The Anita Histories’. As such it revels much of what is puzzling in ‘Anita’ etc. The setting is near future, around 2070’s. The novel has been ‘sitting on the shelf’ while I decide what to do with it. I could ebook it like the rest, or try the traditional publishing route. Have two other novels bouncing around with traditional publishers (one Contemporary, the other SF in a contemporary setting) and not really getting anywhere.

Screenplay. Played around with converting Anita to a script/screenplay. Quite an interesting exercise but again, getting anything in front of a producer is probably harder than a publisher.

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I am a Science Fiction and Contemporary/Lit Fiction author

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