I have been distracted

First it was a novel idea for coordinating urban solar PV systems into one mega generator which I am ‘shopping around’, then I decided to learn Python, one of the ‘in favour’ programming languages. Useless to do this without a goal so I set myself the task of writing an RPG (role playing game) Assistant but, more than an assistant, a generalist program to let you define an RPG World. Of course a task like this tends to grow and I really needed to develop an RPG to test it. Introducing SLASH!, an RPG based on the original D&D but give me some months please. Then, I had some inspiration for the latest Contemporary SF novel I am writing. Combined with the festive season I have been slow in finishing ‘Eagles, the last of the Anita Histories Trilogy. But, the words are in and the cover nearly complete. Expect it in a couple of weeks. ‘Five Words’, the companion novel to ‘Sarah’ is finished too but no cover yet. It will be out soon after ‘Eagles’.

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I am a Science Fiction and Contemporary/Lit Fiction author

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