‘Betrayals’ Released Plus Other Progress

‘Betrayals’, Book 2 in the Anita Histories, uploaded to Smashwords 2 days ago and now accepted for Premium Category which means it will be in retailers now (although I prefer if people purchase my ebooks through Smashwords). (Link to Betrayals in Smashwords) The third book is well on the way, going through my editing process. Not sure of the cover design yet – suggestions?

Working on the companion book to ‘Sarah‘, another contemporary social commentary plus light romance which is a ‘what if’ of the fictional ‘Sarah’. Is this disappearing down a rabbit hole? I think not. It was great to write and the interrelation of the two is interesting with echoes of one in the other. Maybe I am a bit of a ‘soppy’ romantic.

On the personal front I have had the worst cold for years (decades?) which slowed things down. Clawing myself out of the sickness pit and hopefully my usual bright, cheerful self soon (with no cough).

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I am a Science Fiction and Contemporary/Lit Fiction author

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